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How fantastic are the priests! They are the Vicars (representatives) of Christ on Earth as they feed God’s sheep, by their words and examples of holiness, by their delivering of grace and restoring souls into saving grace, and by their offering the sacrifice of the Mass. The magnificence of the priest is awe inspiring. Look at their blessed hands, which pour forth the Holy Spirit onto the gifts of the altar, and their holy lips, which profess the prayers of consecration necessary for transubstantiation (God working through the priest to place His actual body and blood into bread and wine), which miraculously occurs during each and every celebration of the sacrifice of the Holy Mass. Not even the angels, the saints or the Mother of God has such dignity and power? Without them we wouldn't be able to delight in uniting with Christ and receiving the abundance of grace God has waiting for those who truly love Him. The priests are indispensable.

However, our magnificent priests, which the Lord has chosen to administer His grace and guide us to salvation, are constantly being attacked by Satan, and we, the body of the Church, have a wonderful opportunity to help them through prayer. Sadly, Satan has succeeded in tearing down God's Church as there are fewer Catholics attending Mass today than ever before. With only about 22% of Catholics attending Mass, the loss of souls is devastating. Most people have a, "why bother going to church; I have better things to do" attitude. And many of the people who do attend Mass aren't striving to living their live to love God above all in all of their actions.

People have forgotten we reject God's sanctifying grace--the mercy we need to be saved--if we have just one unrepented mortal sin on our soul. And repenting with true sorrow isn't easy as many times we still long for--don't really desire to amend--the sins we claim we hate, and we are being deceived. If we have one sin--mortal or venial--we love (don't desire to amend)--just one sin, if we love one attachment (any worldly pleasure) or even ourselves (our will) over God, and don't truly, with a sincere heart, repent of our sins, then we don't love God with our whole heart and are choosing to reject God’s sanctifying Grace and all is lost for eternity. "There are many who arrive at the faith, but few that are led into the heavenly kingdom" (Pope St. Gregory the Great, Doctor and Father of the Church). People have forgotten wanting to continue to offend God with any sin (mortal or venial)--not desiring to amend--is always a mortal offense against their Creator. It is just horrible to be ok with hurting God in the slightest way. We must desire, with a working effort, to love God above all, with all of our heart."Sin generically venial becomes mortal,” when someone “fix[es] one’s end in that venial sin [has no desire to amend]” (St. Aquinas). These basic principles of the requirements of salvation, which God placed into the hearts of all of His children, have been darkened from our understanding.

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Most people, even Catholics, believe they are saved simply by saying they believe in Jesus as Lord or because they are "Catholic." There are those who believe they are saved by their good works or prayers, not from the forgiveness of their sins by repentance with true sorrow. Few sincerely examine their choices to see if they are truly loving God, and then work hard to change. Yes, we must be truly sorrow, we have offended God or we reject God's mercy. And true sorrow is hard to obtain. The saints toiled to receive that kind of continuous sorrow as they know, from the deception in our hearts, it is easy to think we hate our sins, when deep in our heart we still delight in them with no honest desire to amend them. Most people live for this world and all of it's pleasures, not for loving God by working towards removing their sins. And if we aren't whole heartedly working to "sin no more," we can't be truly sorry for our offenses. Who can declare they are really sorry they are sinning, if they aren't trying to stop. Those who truly love God don't wish to offend Him at all, not with a venial or mortal sin, and are willing to work hard to sin no more. They want to become saints. If we aren't willing to allow God to transform us into saints, we are still willing to live in sin. And as anyone can see there are hardly any of God's children who love Him enough to strive to really not hurt Him and live completely for His will (to become saints).

"[At judgement a demon, who wanted a soul, said to God] Scripture, which cannot lie, says: 'You shall love God above all things and your neighbor as yourself.' Look how this man did all his [good] works from fear [of being sent to hell from a lack of good works] and not from love [of God alone], as he ought. You will find that all the sins he confessed were confessed with little contrition. So he deserves hell, because he failed to deserve the kingdom of heaven [from his lack of true love for God and true sorrow for his sins]. Thus his sins are made known here [since they were never forgiven] in the presence of divine justice, because he has never until now [upon judgement] felt any [real] contrition due to divine love for the sins he has committed [from a lack of desire to amend them for offending God whom he should love with all of his heart]” (The Revelations of St. Bridget of Sweden).

Sadly, most of us have a"loss of the sense of sin" St. Pope John Paul II, and a loss of the sense of understanding what is needed to be saved. Yet, only those who truly love God and have true contrition for their sins will be saved. The devil has crept into our lives and now we don't honestly desire to truly love God the way He deserves...we been tricked into making our priorities more important. Therefore, working hard to amend our lives to love God and obtain salvation is no longer talked about; salvation is now presumed. The few who do go to God tend to just seek His help, hoping for a better life for themselves, not out of love for Him accepting what ever He wills to grow in holiness so they can serve Him more perfectly. Tragically, there is no "fear of the Lord" any more. God is a God of love, meaning a God of mercy and justice. And when we reject God's mercy by loving our sins instead of God, we reject eternal life with Him and choose Hell for all eternity (God's justice). We need to learn how to love God enough to want to stop our sins, which hurt His Sacred Heart. That way when we repent of our failures we will have true sorrow because we honestly hate our sins, since we have worked hard to amend them. Who can say they truly hate their sins and are honestly sorry for committing them, if they aren't honestly trying to not commit them? That would be false sorrow. We need to learn how to prioritize our lives and place living for God (His will) and learning how to love Him perfectly, above all we do so we don't blindly reject God's mercy and choose our sins over Him. Eternity is forever!

It needs to be with great seriousness and fervency that we pray consistently, with all of our hearts and souls, for our priests, vocation, religious and the whole Church so these truths can be preached again with love and boldness for the salvation of souls. There is nothing more important. We are the mystical Body of Christ and are required to provide our beloved priests with spiritual support, through prayers, for our priests are being viciously and constantly attacked by Satan and his demons. Their need is great! Holy priests are such a threat to Satan, he will stop at nothing in his attempts to bring one down. What are we doing to help? This great responsibility we have must not be ignored. The priests need us! God wants to use our prayers to sanctify their souls and build up His Church.

Start a prayer group at your Church and gather the 1000's to pray for our priests or at the very least pray on your own. Our Praying for Priests Prayer Kit is available as a free download or for purchase. The Praying for Priests Prayer Kit gives you everything you need to get started with GREAT IDEAS on how to run a prayer group, examples of wonderful prayers, unique fasting and sacrificing ideas (in an organized step by step guide), and fun creative ways you can bring love and joy to your priests, religious, and seminarians. This is a complete year round program, for the beginner in prayer to the very devout, that God will use for you to bless your priests through your true living of the Gospel.

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What an Awesome Responsibility the Priest Has!If we only knew the magnificence and challenge of their ministry, we would pray unceasingly for them. St. Francis of Assisi used to say, "If I saw an Angel and a priest, I would bend my knee first to the priest and then to the Angel."

LOVE a priest!We need to allow God's love to flow through us to the priests.


God calls us to love not only in prayer but in deed. God's chosen priests...the embodiment of Christ here on earth, should be treated with the utmost respect and love. We offer many varied ideas and materials for showing your love to the priests because it is through Love that God will transform the world.