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Don't grumble about your priests; pray for them. Our magnificent priests, which the Lord has chosen to bring life and salvation to us, are constantly beingĀ  attacked by Satan. It needs to be with great seriousness and fervency that we pray consistently, with all of our hearts and souls, for our priests. We are the mystical body of Christ and are required to provide them spiritual support, through prayers, for our priests who are being viciously and constantly attacked by Satan and his demons. Holy priests are such a threat to Satan, he will stop at nothing in his attempts to bring one down. What are we doing to help? This great responsibility we have must not be ignored. The priests need us. God wants to use our prayers to sanctify their souls.

Start a prayer group at your church or pray on your own. Download for FREE or buy our Praying for Priests Prayer Kit which gives you everything you need to get started with GREAT IDEAS on how to run a prayer group, examples of wonderful prayers, unique fasting and sacrificing ideas (in an organized step by step guide), and fun creative ways you can bring love and joy to your priests, religious, and seminarians. This is a complete year round program that God will use for you to bless your priests through your devout living of the Gospel.


God will work through your prayers!.Download FREE instructions on how God can use you to pray, fast and sacrifice for priests, religious and vocations.






Vocations & Seminarians

What Awesome Love has a Priest shown You?Share your wonderful stories of how a Priest or Religious has brought Christ to others.

Praise a priest!We need to allow God's love to flow through us to the priests.


God calls us to love not only in prayer but in deed. God's chosen priests...the embodiment of Christ here on earth, should be treated with the utmost respect and love. We offer many varied ideas and materials for showing your love to the priests because it is through Love that God will transform the world.


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