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About Us Providing easy ways for the faithful to pray, fast and sacrifice for the Priests, Religious and for Vocations.


We Are Called to do More

Countless people have complaint after complaint about God's Holy Church. Truly, is any joy or divine assistance going to come from a single complaint? No. God's wonderful Church, made up of humans - imperfect as they are, is still simply amazing. When Jesus established the Catholic Church and Peter became the first pope, the Holy Spirit endowed great graces that would not let the Devil over power our Lord's Church (cf. Matthew 16:18). Yet, even with all of that greatness, we can see some significant signs of sickness. Sadly today, 70% of the Catholics are not attending mass. Only about 1% of the people are receiving the sacrament of reconciliation regularly and even fewer of the people receiving penance have an actual desire to do something to sin no more. With immorality and the lack of charity enveloping all walks of life, those who have eyes can clearly see mortal sin is running out of control. Know body will have the desire to live the Word of God, for a life of joy today and for all eternity, if they are dead in their sins (not united with God). The lost are in great need of the holy body of the church, guided by the magnificent priests, to go out to the people (in the church and out of the church) and bring God's truth, love and mercy through new evangelization to the people for the salvation of their souls.

Unite Together

Lets unite together as the mystical body of Christ and do something to cure the ills in the Church. If you have eyes to see the sickness, then God is calling you to do something to help the members of His Church. We can create more spiritual church events and encourage more activity in the church. That will help some. Remember, the less we do, the less change will take place. If great change is needed, then great action needs to take place. The greatest action you can do for your church is PRAY. Truly, do you believe your ideas and throughts are greater than God's work through your prayers? Of course not. You believe prayers are more powerful than anything. Then lets pray. Truly pray and encourage other to make a commitment to pray. I'm not suggesting works and action shouldn't take place...but if any work, group or activity is going to be successful it must be combined with prayer.

When problems exist, you can write a complaint letter and express your grievances to everyone till the cows come home. You might even "force" someone or something to change. But honestly, did you change anyone's heart? No. God changes hearts, through prayer. Therefore we need to PRAY, pray and pray. That is how something truly good will happen. Real godly change happens through prayer. Sometimes a letter might be necessary to encourage someone (not teach nor criticize- we never teach authority - only encourage) to make changes, but letters of disapproval shouldn't be written without great prayer and done through love...never anger. Also, they shouldn't be the only means of communication you have ever had with the leaders of the Church either.

Encourage Others

Your time is best spent, on an ongoing basis, building up our leaders of the Church telling them what you like about them, what is working, and the love you have for them and the church (there is always something positive you can say) inspiring them and loving them the God's way. LOVE will conquer all (cf. 1 Corinthians 13).

Praying for Priests will give you the organization, ideas, and guidance you need to offer such prayers and love to the leaders of the Church and to establish a group in your church specifically designed for praying for the priests so God can transform lives using the greatest tool you have for change, Prayer.



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